28 August 2010


sweet 44 papa.. may God bless you always and all things are going well with you,my hero! thanks for all of your sacrifices,owe you lots! my love for you is more than words can say.. kakak sayang papa!!

your sweet-warm face,give me the strength,pa..

27 August 2010


going to palam?? whoaa! such a golden chance.. tak bole tak pegi ni! hehe :D miss palam & its contents badly :( almost two months im not gasping for palam's fresh cool air..ecece~ ala-ala C.H gitu..

so.. PALAM,here i come!! wiwi~ i stayed at UiTM Puncak Alam for five days.. too short.. but really gave me lots of enjoyment! hehs! :)) meeting the eyes of The Ilai's made me lost my control.. haha! im going to mengilai again esp with Ibu and my gorgeous,Qah.. hehe.. such a touching scene, upon my arrival at Raff, Qah shouted Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! so LOUD you know.. everyone was shocked and turned their heads towards us! blushing! (n_n) keke~ plus, it was the time for everyone waiting the azan to break fasting.. lol..  but nevermind,to cover herself,Qah said that she did rather ashamed for me.. gosh.. love you,Qah! hek3..

WEEKEND morning! my lovely roomate,Anim was so excited for us to hangout at Sunway Pyramid,maybe.. but.. freaking bad.. we cant open our eyes after the sahur!anak dara apa nie?? haha! nevertheless,at 12 noon, Anim,Qah and me eagerly went to the bus stop.. haha! Yati and Ibu just went to the Shah Alam at the evening for breaking fast.. the three of us then straigtly away went to Sunway after Ammar,Qah's friend fetch us at PKNS.. thanks Ammar :) whaaddddaaaa??

hurm..skating?? NO!! dont want laa.. kah3! why why?? [jimat duit la weyh,pe lg..tengok org skate,sudah.. haha!].. then, we walked around the mall, buying some outfits.. hee~ oh yeaa.. posing & posing too! [susah laa kalau dah fotogedix nie.. hak3!] we snapped some pictures.. so sweeeeeeeeeeet~ :):)

Nk jgk bnda alah ni buat peace.. hehe =D

Rumah kampung-so-called

pose-pose!! yeahh  XD

fuhhh.. penat doe.. so pity.. its fasting month.. we cant eat and drink though i desperately need the water after the cakap-cakap and gelak-gelak..[rasa mcm nk mkn McD pun ada.. haha!].. then.. we went to Shah Alam back to meet Ibu,Yati and teett *censor censor hehs:):) we bought juadah for breaking fast at the bazar Ramadhan.. the people.. aigoo.. sorts of! haihh =.="

buying task: finished! then,we have to find the howt spot so that we can enjoy our meal wholeheartedly.. fyi,Anim had suggested such a really-realy 'howt' spot.. haha! the ROOFTOP! never imagine this before.. my dream came true! yeayy3! =DD [haish,xdpt pegi rooftop fakulti,rooftop PKNS pun jadilah.. hee~]

Great look on the rooftop!

Approximately 9 p.m. we were going back to palam.. haha! such a tired day but sooo lively.. credits to The Ilai's for brightening my day.. ilysm dears! muacksss!!

26 August 2010

beiNg a tegaR bLoggeR...

olla~ yesss! im done! hahaha! meaning? o yeah.. i do have a BLOG now.. cant believe this though it's a non weirdo thing.. kui3.. heyy.. tell you what, i dont wanna have  a blog before this but.. people can change.. so do i.. walaweyh! hahaha!

im too boring at home! :( durh~nothing much to do.. everyday for me seems to be at the same.. no changes.. sooo.. i must have a blog! [cweh..bajet mcm ada kaitan..haha!].. no laa.. at least i've a medium to say loud what i want to say..

okay okay.. thats all for my first post.. padat dan tepat,kan? hehe.. dunno what to post act.. ngee~ and i know, i still budak baru belajar,need to learn more anyway.. so people,pleaseee.. gimmi some tunjuk ajar,oke? hee~ ;)