28 January 2011


Pfft. Too tired for now. Gonna update about today, later on. Err yeah. My facebook's account, skype and twitter are blocked right now regarding the riot. Erghh!

26 January 2011

'Day of Rage' - 25 January 2011

Egypt is not Tunisia. It's much bigger. Eighty million people, compared with 10 million. Geographically, politically, strategically, it's in a different league. The Arab world's natural leader and its most populous nation. Tunis and Cairo differ only in size. If Egypt explodes, the explosion will be much bigger, too.

But Tuesday's large-scale protests were different in significant ways, sending unsettling signals to a regime that has made complacency a way of life. "Day of Rage" demonstrators in Cairo did not merely stand and shout in small groups, as is usual. They did not remain in one place. They joined together and they marched. And in some cases, the police could not, or would not, stop them.

The marching en masse, uncontrolled and officially undirected, along a central Cairo boulevard, heading for the regime heartland of Tahrir Square – this was something new and dangerous.

The language and symbolism were different, too. "Enough, enough (kifaya)!" they shouted in 2005, giving a name to the movement for change. Now the message is: "Too much, too far, for too long!". "Mubarak, Saudi Arabia awaits you," the demonstrators chanted, referring to the refuge of the Tunisian ex-dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. "Out! Out! Revolution until victory," shouted a group of mothers, babies in arms. Across Cairo, Alexandria and beyond, the banners of the Tunisian intifada waved liked semaphore flags, wishfully signalling an end to the ancien regime.

But Egypt is not Tunisia. Egypt is a much more efficient police state, a much harder nut to crack. Its leader is as tough and as canny as an old fox. Its military and ruling elite is in hock to the Americans to the tune of $2bn a year and the American republic, itself born of revolt, has no love of revolutions. Mubarak, 82, has held power for 30 years. He is his own, and Washington's man. According to WiiLeaks cables, he likely plans to die in office and then hand over to his son.

There is no revolution in Egypt, yet. But, hypothetically, if Mubarak were to fall, the consequences would be incalculable for Israel and the peace process, for the ascending power of Iran, for US influence across the Middle East, and for the future rise and spread of militant, anti-western Islam. And not least, for 80 million Egyptians.

*praying for the Malaysians' safety*

25 January 2011


Thanks goodness for the strength that I got to write at least something in the ANATOMY answer's sheets just now. Anatomy is real tough. Yes I like it though already knowing that I'll never score full marks for anat, fullstop. OMG, I'm almost giving up yesterday. But not for today :) We're all full of spirit (me not included :p). Sempat lagi nak photoG session before leaving the house pagi tadi tuhh -.-'

Wajah-wajah scorer anatomy terbaik, aminnn...

And purple is the theme for today =)

Eh bawah mata tu tak boleh gelap lagi ke eh? -.-'

Okay, done with anat. Just waiting for histology to end up the history of my 1st year midyear exam on this Thursday. Sooner, winter breakkk! Heyhh tak sabar nak berhibernasi :D


Ohh wanna share about this actually. Right after finishing the anat's exam, Natrah and I bumped into a celebration-so-called at my university. It's the celebration for the the 6th year medical students in Cairo University as their study in medical ends up today. Nice right? Such a superb celebration! Okay, let the pictures do much talkings :)

The crowd.

Some more.

One of the 6th year seniors.

Promoting. Signature pleaseee?

With bouquets :)


Yes you do. Good job!

Talented doctors :)

LOL. She's taller?

Hehe. So here they go. Ohh good news! I've recorded a video, showing how talented the doctors are! You should watch it till the end. It's entertaining! Nguehh. And Im so grateful since Im getting to know something new today. A new culture.


23 January 2011


22 January 2011

Usah risau bila manusia tak memahami...
Hatimu milik Allah,
Berceritalah dengannya,

21 January 2011

papa's daughter

Finished skype-ing with beloved family. Frankly speaking, the miss confession that I got from both of lelaki terpenting in my life melted my heart without any hesitation. And the tears rolling down without requested. They made me feel a way touched. Papa and adik. My goodness, cant they go more important than anything in my life? I might die for them. Voice confession, something that we'll record in mind and heart like forever. Believe me or not? Texting, we cant just only describe what we feel for real. But voice... we can detect one's feeling, one's intention and many more, aite? And voice cooperate well with eyes. 

PAPA, whenever Im alone, sadness call me for his companion. I miss those old days when I manage to hug and kiss you every single day. Your warmest smile knows how to cheer me up. You can sense my uneasy feeling though I deny it for times. You know what's the best for me. You're my inspiration!

Old she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.

Yes, I do. Imy :'(

20 January 2011

Munajat Seorang Hamba

Dikala malam sunyi sepi
Bani insan tenggelam dalam mimpi
Musafir yang malang ini pergi membasuh diri
Untuk mengadap-Mu oh Tuhan
Lemah lutut ku berdiri
Di hadapan-Mu tangisanku keharuan
Hamba yang lemah serta hina
Engkau terima jua mendekati
Bersimpuh dibawah duli kebesaran-Mu
Tuhan hamba belum pasti
Bagaimana penerimaanmu
Dikala mendengar pengaduanku
Ku yakin Kau tak mungkiri
Dalam wahyu yang Kau nuzulkan
Kau berjanji menerima pengaduanku
Dan Kau berjanji sudi mengampunkanku
Dari segala dosa yang kulakukan
Ampunan-Mu tuhan
Lebih besar dari kesalahan insan
Hamba yakin pada keampunan-Mu Tuhan
Bukan tidak redha dengan ujian
Cuma hendak mengadu pada-Mu
Tempat hamba kembali nanti di sana 

notakaki: sangat syahdu di pendengaran.

18 January 2011

Beautiful or Cute

For me, they are totally different. Definitely are two different meaning. In my opinion, cute is too common. Like seriously, you can hear people say cute at anywhere anytime. And to be more specific, if guys say that girl is cute this girl is cute, nahhh that means nothing. Hehe. I mean, cute is just a common word to describe everything. Cute can describe our act, our face, and etc. And normally, cute has no behind meaning. People just simply say it. Even when you see babies, you'll say 'This baby is soo cuteee'. Am I right? I meant, usually. Not all the time.

But how about beautiful? Hehe. I don't know, but for me beautiful is really different than cute. And, a guy will only say beautiful to a girl if they really mean it. And they won't say it to every girl unless you know, a playboy. And beautiful is surely for girls. You can say cute for a guy. But not beautiful for a guy. Beautiful is a way special. Trust me, girls want a word beautiful from a guy. They'll feel different if you say that rather than cute. I'm not saying cute is nothing, still you can say it. And I do like that word cute. But yeah, beautiful is just different that cute.

But it's good to get both, cute and beautiful. Hee.

notakaki: one beautiful girl, in my point of view :)

 17/01/11 - 27/01/11
*wish me luck,people!*

saya nak abang!

*Ehem ehem, testing testing! Setup balik mood yang agak kacau lately nih dengan gigih.


Okay, berbalik kepada tajuk entri yang mintak pelempang tuu. Hurm, yahh. I mean it. Nak mintak ulang sekali lagi? Tak payah kan? Hehs :)

This thought appeared last night, around 12 something as far I could remember. One of my housemate, Zikri whos the luckiest person ever, just finished having precious moment with her beloved brother. He's from Jordan and transit in Cairo for 24hrs before having bombastic holiday in Spain! Yahh, Zik is so lucky you know? For having such caring and actually-I-just-dont-know-how-to-describe-her-brother. It's not too much if Im saying that her brother is perfect. Yes Zik, your brother is perfect, like seriously. Based on your story-telling before this, it's looked like that I dont have to regret by saying so.

Last night, after seeing  tears rolling down your cheek, I felt warm. Huk3. I just cant stay any longer as I rushed to my room hurrily. Tak tahu pulak apa yang tak kena tapi memang tersentuh sangat tengok Zik masa tu. Memang kita tak dapat nak tahan-tahan lagi dah. And after that, you told me how was the night. Oh myy. You both are gifted! Untung Zik ada abang macam tu. Banyak bagi teguran, yang kadang-kadang kita pun guna pakai jugak, eheh ;)

hari ini pergi pejabat post yay happy!




(Memang susah la nak handle budak ni kalau mood yang biase-biase tu dah ada balik)

Oh finally, alhamdulillah.. Syukur ke hadrat Allah S.W.T sebab sejam lagi nak exam pagi tadi, baruuuu aku tahu aku dapat masuk exam. Ilmu kat dada nih, penuh sangat toksah cerita laa. Tak sabar rasanya nak habiskan ink pen kat atas kertas jawapan. Haa dalam mimpi. Dalam mimpi bolehlah! Huuu. Tadi tak boleh jawab. Huuu. *nangis* Paper Physio hancuss papa mama. Tapi papa mama cakap apa, ' Takpe, condition kakak sekarang kan tak stabil, stress sangat. Nama dah ada kat u and kakak dapat masuk exam pon syukur sangat dah. Next papers, performs better. ' Baik kan papa mama? Kan kan? Eh cepatlah angguk lajulaju ^_^

Angguk sambil pegang carrot yang berbentuk 'peace' pon boleh. Haha.

Kepada awak-awak di luar sana yang meyokong saya dengan gigih selama ini, yang menjadi tulang belakang saya di saat saya rebah-terjatuh-bangun-balik-rebah-balik, terima kasehhh yang tak terhingga! A'aa awak. Haa, memang awaklah! Haihh -.-' Oh ya, awak. Bukan awak-awak. Hihihi. A.k.a my silent reader. Ingat lagi, he inbox me such a long booster masa first-first time sampai bumi Mesir. Err err. List eh? Hehe.
  • Jaga diri leklok tau kat negara orang.
  • Study sungguh-sungguh.
  • Jangan lara-lara lagi dah. (haha,nampak sangat aku kuat berangan)
  • Set target tu.
  • Ingat harapan semua orang kat awak.
  • Jangan hampakan kami semua kat sini, especially papa mama. Make us proud!
  • And then jangan sedih-sedih sangat ea.
  • Enjoy your life there.
  • Yang paling penting, jaga diri tu leklok coz you're everything to me. (teehee :p)
  • I'll support you always ♥  
1 2 3.. Ohh sepuluh ea. Hee. Actually ada banyak lagi, tapi tuh la, baru terasa nak update pasal ni sebab bila dah dalam keadaan depressed yang amat sangat sejak 2 3 minggu ni, memang terasa lah that I owe his strength lots. Plus dengan family strength, besties' support, alhamdulillah, I can be this strong :)

Dapat strength untuk skodeng orang jauh ;)

notakaki: tiba-tiba mood nak posing datang melanda lepas habis exam tadi. Padahal takleh jawab exam tuh -__________-'

17 January 2011

malam penuh debaran

Assalamualaikum... Tajuk entri pon dah buat orang takut nak baca isi entri. Haih -.-' Esok yang samar. Hidup dalam imaginasi. Entah benar entahkan mimpi (eh apesal nak puitis sgt ni) Thats so me. Aku lah tu. Hidup macam terapung-apung je. Terbang melayang. Mana tak nye, esok nak exam still, tak tahu dapat masuk ke tak dewan peperiksaan tu. Pening, mungkin? Pfft. Lama sangat aku tak bercerita panjang. Banyak yang berlaku. Letih? Yaa. Tersangat letih melayan janji-janji ijipshen. Huh. 

'Kaki, esok macam mana sekalipun, kau kena bawak tuan kau ni biar sampai depan gate u, tau tau?'
'Otak, kesian kau kan. Mesti kau penat sangat dah. Aku nak mintak maaf sebenarnya. Huk3. Kalau esok aku terpaksa jugak guna perkhidmatan kau, kau berhidmat dengan sebaik-baiknye, eh eh?'
'Hati, aku tahu kau sangat lemah semenjak dua menjak hari ni. Tapi aku tahu kau jugak sangat tabah sejujurnya. Kuat kuat. Kau kena kuat untuk aku.'

Ya Allah, segala-galanya aku serahkan kepadaMu ya Allah. Kau yang Maha Mengasihani lagi Maha Mengetahui. Aku berserah ya Allah. Engkau lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik untukku. Seandainya itu adalah yang terbaik untukku, aku redha, ya Allah.

Tsk tsk. I dont care others. But trust me, for this thing ever, I care lotsss! Tomorrow will be the first paper for midyear, Physiology. Oh my goodness. How I love that subject the most :( Tak tahu dah macam mana nak describe dia punya feeling sukakan Physio tuu. But tell me, how come with the stuck heart and mind, I can perform well for it? Hurm? How come? Dissapointing. Yaa yaa, I know, many told 'Nothing is impossible, dude!' Is it? Okay come replace me then and prove it. You just dont know how I feel all this while. My feeling. My thoughts. I study Physio everyday, more focus on Physio, more tutorials and cases on Physio. Physio books' torn out. Let the other subjects without cares. Err shift it to less care. And I know this too. Man proposes, God disposes. Itulah hakikatnya.

notakaki: emosi tidak stabil. Papa mama, kakak rinduuu :'(

15 January 2011


OMG OMG ! Cant she go more gorgeous than this? Awhh. TS is so sweet with her sonsTeehee ;)

14 January 2011

Kenapa perasaan tu tak boleh buang jauh jauh? 

Com'on la nana. You go girl.

Kuat la sikit.

InsyaAllah. I promise you. But I just cant :'(

Im weak to say goodbye to each short farewell.

Im sorry.

12 January 2011


Tolong jadi kuat eh?

Tolong tolong.

Jangan la lembik macam ni :'(

Jangan la.

Sabar banyak banyak.

Allah kan sayang orang yang sabar.

Ya Allah, aku dah cuba :'(

10 January 2011

keseriusan seseorang yang memang tak pernah nak serius.

Hey wake up wake up!!!

Next Sunday,you'll gonna sit for your midyear exam,okay? Midyear exam! 

So please be serious pleaseee. Dear blog help me! >.<

Wanna booster huh??

Think of your precious one. Papa mama. 

Think what will happen to you in future if you still like this.

Think what will you write on the answers' sheets.

Think of your result after all the misery you had.

Think of future happiness.

And please bear in your mind, never study just for the exams. You're a doctor wanna be. A doctor has to take responsibility for people's health and well-being. You'll gonna work with HUMANS not machines!

Please,I beg you one more time. Please be serious. No one could change you. You yourself decide it.

A doc wanna be???

notakaki: rasa macam tak berapa betol dah sebab study banyak sangat, eceh! ;)

08 January 2011

07 January 2011

The Ilai's point of views 'bout me :)

Hello! I'm pretty sure that all of you know about this game. The secret code! It appears and famous among the Malaysians' facebookers before the New Year's Eve. At first, seriously I dont feel like wanna play some. But after few days of JANUARY, I texted The Ilai's and inbox them about my code! Saje je nak gedik. Haha lame lagi Nana. Hadoii -.-' So, these are their sweet words about me. Heee (n_n)'
Baru kenal berapa bulan tapi mcm dah kenal lama. i like you very much, you know? (tak gay sgt kan ayat ni? :P) bila dah kenal, rupanya byk benda yg kita sama kan? mcm soulmate plak. ngeh. cakap dgn kau, mcm tak nak berenti. sengal tak habis. haha. dah la memalukan aku masa bulan puasa hari tu. famous jap aku seminit. tapi takpe. demi kau, aku redha. sygggg kau! ♥ lagu tema kita 'bila cinta' ke 'issues'? haha
1st tyme jmpa.. kamoo mmg cntek syg..~ mula2 jmpa dh rpat mcm dh lma knal..mcm2 la kta lalui b'sma..n kamoo yg slalu membuatkn sye nges.. skrg kamoo dh jauh dri sye.. tp kamoo ttap di ati sye syg...~i luv u juz the way ure..~ luv u harder n always..~ mmuahh.!!
YATI ♥  
Hmm..orng 1st yng aku knal kat palam ni..ko la yng frst tego aku kat bilik..even ibu pon aku x jmpe lg..haha..sayang ko sngt2..aku ingat sampai ble2 baju yng ko pki time tu...cantik...unggu lagi..hope our frenship will last forever..da mcm family aku sendiri..anyway..saraghae...(x sah kalo x nmpk ko glak)


Ily..knal msa dkt palam.mla2 tgk igtkn pendiam tp tgk2.fuh byk ckp hahaha ska gelak.pas2suka sgt ngn warna pink.skrang kat mesir.sedih gler time dia nak pindah huhu cantik tp gelenya jgk!haha btol x eja:) 2 je la kowt:) and she call me ibu!



 And trillion thanks to you guys! Knowing you is a bless and I considered myself so lucky to be able having friends like you all. All of you will always be there when I need to talk and never failed to make me feel loved. Sayang korang sangat-sangat, ingat tuu tau. Once I'm back, meet eh? Jangan lupa aku walau macam mana sekalipun. Teehee :')

I got this when I'm about to move from UiTM Puncak Alam. Sweet kan diorang?? ^^

currently listening to : Issues  

06 January 2011

exam fever. . .

Midyear Exam is just around the corner and my preparation about that? Durhh. Never ask about it. 90% maybe? Gahh. It's lot enough till I hope I can get into the examination hall  by walking up to the toes. Got it? HAHA But then, since the preparation I've made was about only 40% , don't have any idea about that. It's lotsssssssssssssss to cover up everything, I told you! Hey, check it out. Just acting like, sharing is caring. Nguehh :p 
Use all your sense for studying, thinking, memorising, reading, writing, speaking, touching. All these relate to your sense. Thinking and memorising using your mind, seeing what you're reading and writing using your eyes, speaking using your tongue, touching using your skin. When your mind forgot, your eyes, tongue and skin make you remember. When one forgot, others will backup your memorising centre. So, maximize your sense for studying and you will not forget it, insyaAllah. But always set in your mind, study as one of your daily ibadah. Do everyhing only for Allah :)

Oh btw, that's my new novel collection ;) Had bought it last Saturday at Megastore, Citystar. 'The Book Of Tomorrow'. Okay lame. I know. Tapi peduli apa kan. Hehe. Most important, the beginning of the story made me to think lots. Happy Reading! :D

notakaki: hopefully, reading a novel before sleepingbeauty could replace the pillowtalk we used to :(

05 January 2011

a sis to know

Last night, before I start my daily-night-routine, I check out all the blogs' latest updates. Out of blue, one of my fav blogger had post something. A really-really heart touching entry :( I've never seen an entry like it since before. She used to produce a very awesome entry for each time. The entry will be accompanied by sweet pictures. It's worth looking at as she's adorable! Trust me. But for this entry, hurmm~ she's down.

Dear Sis Yana,
Sis, listen to all  my advices last night okay? I'm so delighted as you've noticed me finally. Teehee :p You're so sweet, you know? Figure it out from your entries. Haa sis! You ask me for what I'm proud of you since you're not Fatin Liyana, aite? Yess, I do adore Fatin Liyana, Hanis Zalikha and those who are totally gorgeous and famous amos. But then, I adore you moreee. I know you're such a nice person. *okay, bukan bodek ni tauu? ;)
And pleasee, never be sad anymore.  'After a hurricane, comes a rainbow..verily with every difficulty there is relief..' (al-insyirah:6) You may find a friend-so-called that you can count on her or him to burst out all of your bad feelings. Okay?? And don't keep it in your ♥ anymore as it'll make your ♥ grows bigger and bigger! Kehkeh kidding LOL. And make sure you laugh lots as laughter is the best medicine. Kan kan dentist? Oh yea. 1 more important thing, dah dah berangan masa cikgu mengajar. Ouww, nak jadi penyanyi ya? Adoii -.-' HAHA
So, I'll study hard too dan tak boleh berangan-berangan dalam kelas dah :p

04 January 2011

no title

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hye! Eh alamak. Entri untuk semalam tak ada ya. Penat-penat tanam azam baru tahun ni which is ; nak update blog setiap hari, yay! Hello Nana? Berangan lah ya. Buku MCQ, clinical cases segala tu pun tak terbuat, ini kan pula nak update blog everyday? Everyday?? Oh okay, dah buat perangai -.-' Kata nak Mumtaz tahun ni. But then, by God willing, I'll spend my time for blogging though for a short entry. And tell you what. I have stopped playing facebook. Oh no, cut that. Not stop, it's just like. Err. I don't make any interest on it anymore. Seriously. Kadang-kadang rasa nak termuntah bila asyik mengadap fb. Tak percaya, tanya roomate aku. Haha. Dah takde dah nak stalkstalk orang. Usha gambar ke hape ke. Not giving and treating me any benefits, aite? ;) 

Just so you now, kalau dah mengadap fb, satu jam pon tak cukup, kan? Alah. Jangan nak kantoi aku sangat lah. I'm used to it. Facebook? Yes, we'll get connected to friends, no doubt. Tapi fb ni ada jugak lah keburukan dia. And may I say banyakkkkk sangattttt? Haha. Tak semengah betol la budak ni. Dulu pernah je, aku macam dah addicted sangat dah dengan fb ni. Sampai kadang-kadang tu, bila tak dapat online berhari-hari atas sebab outstation dan sebagainya haha, masa nak bukak lappy tu, punya lah terketar-ketar tangan tekan email and password sebab nak tengok berapa ribu dapat notification selama seminggu tak online tu. Kahkah beribu tuuu. Then terdengar suara merdu papa, "Kakak ni dah macam addicted dengan dadah dah papa tengok". Haa see? Papa pun boleh perasan. Hadoii~ 

Then, decide the best. I know it's hard for the first time but never give up! Try harder. Okay sekarang ni kita bukan nak bercakap pasal kebaikan dan keburukan mukabuku ya? Lepas tu, buat esei pasal ni dan hantar kat cikgu Bahasa Melayu. Haa bukan ya bukan. Haha. Just nak bagitahu yang aku takkan aktif kat facebook je pon. Haihh. Kecoh betol. 

01 January 2011


'Say hello to goodbye'

I don't know why but it's just nice to say it for many times? You do? Hee.

Ting ting ting. It's 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! May 2011 brings us the success, prosperity, glory, luck, joyness and much much more! Instead, I can't still deny that 2010 was a great year I've ever had as too many things happenned in my life. Like seriouslyyy. That's why I just prefer to call it my miracle 2010.

My miracles:
  • Welcoming 2010 in January
  • Got my driving licence in February.
  • SPM's result was announced in March
  • Mini Convocation was held in April
  • Registered UiTM Puncak Alam in May
  • Entered IPG Kota Bharu in June
  • Got gadjet in July
  • Had beautiful Ramadhan in August
  • Fly Egypt in September
  • Papa and Mama going to Makkah in October
  • Papa and Mama safely arrived Malaysia in November
  • Anniversary in December
Those are my MIRACLES within 2010. Hey, they used to happen in a cascade. Have you noticed it? Teehee. It's hard to say goodbye to all those things, you know? Many of them neither can't be repeated nor happened once more in future. For instance, I can't going back to Puncak Alam. Can't having the school-oriented schedule just like in IPG Kota Bharu. Because I'm here now. In Egypt. In Medic. Gonna be a successful doctor. God Willing.

So let's together,


Hello 2011


Goodbye 2010

Got it now? Bye, Assalamualaikum.