05 January 2011

a sis to know

Last night, before I start my daily-night-routine, I check out all the blogs' latest updates. Out of blue, one of my fav blogger had post something. A really-really heart touching entry :( I've never seen an entry like it since before. She used to produce a very awesome entry for each time. The entry will be accompanied by sweet pictures. It's worth looking at as she's adorable! Trust me. But for this entry, hurmm~ she's down.

Dear Sis Yana,
Sis, listen to all  my advices last night okay? I'm so delighted as you've noticed me finally. Teehee :p You're so sweet, you know? Figure it out from your entries. Haa sis! You ask me for what I'm proud of you since you're not Fatin Liyana, aite? Yess, I do adore Fatin Liyana, Hanis Zalikha and those who are totally gorgeous and famous amos. But then, I adore you moreee. I know you're such a nice person. *okay, bukan bodek ni tauu? ;)
And pleasee, never be sad anymore.  'After a hurricane, comes a rainbow..verily with every difficulty there is relief..' (al-insyirah:6) You may find a friend-so-called that you can count on her or him to burst out all of your bad feelings. Okay?? And don't keep it in your ♥ anymore as it'll make your ♥ grows bigger and bigger! Kehkeh kidding LOL. And make sure you laugh lots as laughter is the best medicine. Kan kan dentist? Oh yea. 1 more important thing, dah dah berangan masa cikgu mengajar. Ouww, nak jadi penyanyi ya? Adoii -.-' HAHA
So, I'll study hard too dan tak boleh berangan-berangan dalam kelas dah :p


yananana said...

alalalalala, comelllllllllllllll! mekasih nana! janganlah bocor rahsia, cita2 sampingan akak nak jadi penyanyi tu. nanti habes siti nurhaliza chuak2 :P

.nana. said...

u're most welcome :) comel mcm akk laa eheh! adoyay..da terboco pon worries,u deserve the best! hee~

yananana said...

hee. lapppp u lah :)