31 October 2010

know me well,know me better

i miss you.. 
how're you? may all the things going well with you.. we're apart now though we're near.. i miss the moments we're together in past.. we had plenty time to get along.. can we have it for one more time? even.........................

yeaa.. i miss her.. 
(breath deeply..) hmmpphh.. i know her since we're in primary.. however,it just was a coincidence.. then,we met again,again and again.. finally.. God's plan,who knows.. we got an offer at a same boarding school.. that's what we call destiny.. since then,we had been so closed till the title 'bestfriend' so called.. i admit,it lasts just for a few months.. after that? things got complicated.. and the friendship blew just like wind.. it became worsen and worst.. days changed to months and months reached years.. saddd.. that's what i felt deep inside my heart and yet.. she did't notice it.. 

after years we're not in a good condition,
i tried to change when we got into fifth former.. we were so closed.. too closed i guess but it was about the position and not our friendship.. i don't know why and it's too hard to be explained,believe me! i know,you know this too.. we couldn't voice it out and we just keep it in our heart until there's a huge barrier between us.. 

you know what?
i know everything about you! whenever you 'see' me,whenever you talk to me.. i know that you want everything to be crystal clear.. and don't you know that i wish the same too?? :'(  i'm crying? yesss! im crying and dying over here.. because it is only you that know me well! you're the one that always being by my side whenever i need somebody to be with me..
pleaseee.. lend me your shoulder to cry on,now.. huk3~
everything we share together,it sticks in my heart.. remember the time when i was sick and it was so cold.. you're the one that stayed up all night and slept beside me on your bed.. in the morning, you prepared me with the breakfast and told that i had bad cough that night.. and i want you to know that i still can remember how you used to rub me.. i wanna broke into tears on the dot because i knew, we still can't get along with but then you still.. huk3.. you still there,being by my side.. knowing whenever i need somebody and you'll be the one..

it was so weird because it just like we ourselves understand and can read what is in each other's mind.. isn't it?? sometimes we don't talk for days.. and we're just smiling at each other.. sometimes we're having lots of joy together by having jokes,fake arguing and much more.. and sometimes we're about like not knowing each other.. hello,there's no one that surround us realise that.. they're just assuming that we're always in good condition.. but then,not forgotten that there's few who noticed this..

still,before and after SPM was nothing to us.. were we STONE? when SPM was in progress,it worsen! i don't know you and same goes to you.. we're in our own planets.. till the results was announced.. CONGRATULATIONS for you passed it with flying colours.. your hard word paid off finally.. i'm proud of you and you're proud of me too,right? (n_n) thanks goodness,we got the chance to fulfill our dream,then.. and the relations seemed to be fine,i guess..

here, i wanna make a confession according to what i feel now.. you're one that make me goal the success because i envy you! i can't see you face the books all the time.. so,i face the books too.. i acted lots in front of you.. sorry for that.. you're acting too,right? heyy.. we're just at the same! haha XD.. we own too many similarities,besty.. anddd.. thanks for the 'moral supports' that you gave me all this time.. really appreciate that! seriously.. i wanna you to know that you are the one that i miss lots right now because you know me well,know me better.. once more,I MISS YOU.. 

really hoping that she read this because i really miss her now and wanna she to know it.. :(

29 October 2010


Is it?! a month.. im here for a month already :D see?? how indah my life is! HAHA! err.. im still new in ardhul kinanah btw.. but,sincerely.. i've learnt much of lessons since my first footstep here.. life teach me everything about life..

pfffffffffftttttttttt~ there's a lot i wanna express here.. LOTS! i wanna express everything.. lol =.=' *takkan nye.. tengok jer lah.. hek3..

..........Thanks God,i've given  a soulmate to be with me for the time being my life here.. we share everything ; joy,sadness.. we laugh together.. we cry together.. the teardrops will be the witness of our friendship.. i promise you! may the holding of our hands before we cross Egypt's roads every single day,strengthen the brachial plexus.. hehs! ;) err.. may i dedicate a song for LULU? short one! hee~

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever...

a month here.. life not stable,yet.. studyyy? i love medic.. definitely! i love ANATOMY,PHYSIOLOGY,HISTOLOGY.. and err BIOCHEMISTRY.. should i love it too?? HAHA! every subject is taught in Arabic.. so?? can you imagine that? i've to work double, triple or even more is better.. ngee~ grab the MUMTAZ,insyaAllah..

bait? housemates? oh yeaa.. we rent a house together with the JAIS's students in mouniera.. they're nice! grateful to have housemates that match us..hehe..*i'll story about them in other entry,later on.. from my house,it takes about 10 minutes to reach the campus by foot.. mouniera such a small town near the Kasr El Aini.. but.. there's a lot of shops here.. seriously! we shopping EVERYDAY! hahaha! 

we went Mataria to get winter coat,jacket and segala bagai benda alah tu.. hehe.. of course they are the preparation for becoming winter! yawww.. can't wait for it lah! ouhh.. we spent lots of money today.. haha.. got jubah,skirt bla bla bla..waa~ i makin boros kat mesir ni! :O 
bang bang boom!! lulu and nana had balloons of lessons and experiences today! hak3! from the beginning till the end.. :DD only US! *rasanya dia akan buat entry untuk ini kot.. hehe..

TODAY IS A MEANINGFUL DAY... not a fairytale~ ;)

notakaki: ayat untuk entry ini skema.maaf sangatsangat.mata tersangat mengantuk kerana T.T

28 October 2010


let us build our LUNA's castle! from now on.. you, Siti Suhailah Abdullah will be my soulmate,forever~will you? hehs! :)

12 October 2010

Doc Wannabe??

weehoo~ after a week having fun at Rumah Kelantan Baru..finally, been at Kasr El Ainy.. hehe.. it's the other name for Medical Department.. lbih kurang cam gitu lahh.. Cairo u.. just nice.. for real.. at least,better than Ain Shams,i guess.. ouppss... so sorry if im mistaken.. just having a look for 10 cents maybe, last few days there.. yesterday.. attending the first lecture.. yaww.. seriously, medic.. HARD! plus,the lecture is in arabic,youuu!! great what? haha.. the doctor taught in arabic without doubt and nonstop! pfft.. the Malaysian?? nganga la jwbnyer.. sumpah bengang.. nana? guess guess? apa aku buat.. haha..

okay.. second day.. yerp.. seems like better than yesterday.. during the anatomy practical,the zimbabwe's student made a request, for all the foreigners can  be grouped in a special group so that the doctor can teach us in English! thank goodness..  can take note from it.. heyy.. mata doc tu cantik! hehe.. however.. still.. too lots of lessons that i've to catch up.. =.= start to depressed but not GIVING UP yet,oke? it's lost! have to memorize.. make notes and all that.. but then alah bisa tegal biasa.. nak jadi doktor,kan.. okay okay =)

ouuh yaa.. today too,the second day.. i made friend with Mawardah, Nermene and Nohan,the Egyptians.. they are damn sweet! Nermene just like a doctor.. she's bravo! by helping us in Phisiology last morning, i know.. she's gonna be my torchlight soon.. hehs :)

hurm.. i've bought all the Medical books for first year students and they costs L.E 435.00.. not too expensive i thought for 13 books.. haha! now.. the study mood had come! *semangat semangat

notakaki: jumaat ni,masuk rumah baru..rumah kami,CANTIKKK! :D

02 October 2010

Family's First

Yesss! people is right.. who ever we are.. where ever we are and when ever is it, FAMILY IS FIRST! family is everything.. seriously.. i admit it now.. now.. being far apart from family,made my tears.. priceless.. huk3.. damnly miss my family now~