30 June 2011

The 100th Post

Yes, just like mentioned above. This is my 100th post. Lets do something special for this time. Hee. Something special must go to someone special isn't it. So here it is :)

I know I barely do this as others maybe. But you know me well,don't you?



For the one who I care the most,thanks for every single thing you had done for me. I mean, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Its too lotsss,I know. Always being too patient with me is you :) Baik hati sangat macam tu lahh. Hehe. You made each of my dreams come so true. You tried your level best to fulfil what I'm demanding for. I just don't know how to show that I appreciate you much as mine. But see! One of my efforts proved! Hee. Y'know, I'm scared because there's only one of you. Three years, not a short period though. I'm always praying and keep asking HIM so that HE gives the perfect ending for us and paling penting; you get the chance to pursue in the future undertaking that you're dreaming of. You deserve for it,love. Anyhow, HE knows the best for you. And and of courseee we can discuss in our study together after this! Muehehe. Errr via skype? Pon bolehhh :D

You are the best bestfriend of mine. 
Merci beaucoup. Je t'adore MSA

fyi,i dont even care if YOU girl wanna condemn me again or whatsoever,
you can write anything you want in your blog,
i know this post gonna give you a gross, 
like i careeee :)

26 June 2011

yes,this is what we're craving for! grrrr

Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

Someone said that this is cool enough for a beginner. Well, I'll get it once I'm in Malaysia. Amboihh, banyak la sangat duit tu kaan? Muehehe. Moneyy moneyy, come to meeeeeee~

 Short review on D3100 : 

  • record full 1080p HD videos
  • built around a 14.2 CMOS sensor and a 3 inch LCD
  • Live View shooting
  • wider ISO range ( 100-3200 expandable to 12800)
  • 18-55mm VR lens
  • Harga: Rm2,100++ , £579.99 , $699 , €599


25 June 2011

mom ñ dad



ive deactivated my facebook acc

24 June 2011

Sometimes we need the happiness

Done with the oral last morning, we straight away went to Tahrir as we wanna grab our Visa. Unfortunately, Im the one who always hook up with Tahrir (haha) got my Visa undone yet. Ohmyyy I felt like Im screaming at the counter. Lucky me, Ive Indonesian friend there who can talk politely with the officer. While waiting the Visas for 2 hours, we went somewhere to feed our tummy. And after that, yeahh of couse we went for shopping! Lalalala. I got new maxi with belt. My friends bought few skirts and blouses as well. Tahrir is a heaven for those shoppaholic like err okay like us! ;))

Everybody was so tired and we're on our way back home. For dinner, there's an agreement between the chef of the day from each house. They want to cook Nasi Minyak today! However, its a must that Dina who'll be the master chef hehe. Dina stays with seniors in Abou Risy. My housemates made some puding roti and agar-agar. Natrah brought the juice. Thanks Natrah and Natrah also staying with the seniors. So,yes we had a great dinner last night! We laughed lots,yes we're happy.


When people cry
its not because they are weak.....


 but because 
they have been strong for too long..

*always be kind,for everyone is fighting a hard battle.

23 June 2011

kenapa hari ni rasa sangat penat dan penat?

Hurm nothing much to say about today. Biochemistry was not helping me at all :( Tired of always not performing well in exam. Sometimes, im willing to ; when somebody ask me how about the exam, then ill answer confidently, "Yahh,Alhamdulillah great :))))))))" WHENNNNNNN will it happen?

And tomorrow, continue with the oral but hell yes, i dont have any spirit left by now. They are running no where. I did skype with the fam for about 3 hours just now and i feel relief. By talking to the little boy,listening to his voice. Pfffttttt. I talked to him till i fall asleep hihi while he was busy playing computer games -.-' An hour after that, about 11pm something, i heard a soft voice, " Kakak kakak, bangunnn. Adik nok tutup computer doh ni. Bangun kakkk." Goshhh, his voiceee. Kakak love you adik moahmoah! :*

And i just miss few moments that gave me something from each.

I'll (always) find you because I know you'll be there for me just like the stars during the day.
*mr.photog phewwit! ;)

A very very very best friend you are! Understands me like no one can do better than you :')

Ini serious gambar lama. Guwa tak tipu ahh :p Hey youuu! Please please wait for my homecoming! Then, we'll conquer the world. Gonna celebrate our anniversary yaww. I MISS YOU MUCHOSSS BESTIE!

Awww muka orang mengamuk tuuu ;) Well cuzzy, for sure you're one of them who lighten up my day kehkeh. I know you miss me loads. That's why yang suruh I balik awal tu kan kan? Elehhh :p

Okay done with all the old pictures but fresh memories,here

21 June 2011

Only One

Cry when you want to cry. Don’t purposely hold in your sadness
I’ll embrace you so that you can smile again

When you’re tired, I’ll lend you my shoulder so that you can rest for a bit
I pray no tears in your dreams
I know you’ll fly high in your life

Although this world tries to look at you with a small view
I can confidently say you’re the only one

Find your broken dreams again. Don’t say that you can’t
I will help you to make that dream come true

When you feel like you can’t breathe, close your eyes for a bit and think about your future

I pray no tears in your dreams
I know you’ll fly high in your life

Although this world tries to look at you with a small view
I can confidently say you’re the only one

Uh I’ll protect you and stay by your side as tears flow
Just rest without any worries in my embrace

The sadness formed in your eyes that won’t fall
In your dreams there are rough dark clouds that don’t show but
you smile. Don’t hold back your hurt anymore
Just throw it high into the sky. I want to go towards the end now
Open up the wings that were folded away. Take my hand

Don’t cry again

I pray no tears in your dreams
I know you’ll fly high in your life

Although hearts that changed coldly may not know you,
who is cooler than anyone, stay by my side. You’re the only one
Sometimes, you'll find there's nobody could really understand at the moment you need them the most :'( Please don't be worried. I just said it 'sometimes'.

17 June 2011

a HOUSE is not a HOME

Oh my god, I feel like crying all over tonight. I wanna go back home so badly. I miss home, I miss papa, I miss mama, I miss the kiddos. Sobs! :'( Nobody knows what I feel deep inside. Pleaseee, I need to go far far away from Cairo. Just pleaseee :'( I want to stay apart. Im broken. Tears rolling down. Mom dad, really need your companion. Cant help it while skype-ing with papa just now, just telling him that the connection was not so good as I didn't want papa to see her strong growing daughter was crying in front of him. I tried my best to cover the voice. Sometimes, I stopped a moment. I didn't want papa to ask WHY Im crying because I will continuosly lied by answering the same-study problem. Ohh Goddd :( Whyyy she's always giving me a damn.


It is so sick when it comes to examination. Yes, I mean all the examination, not only finale. It's stressing! Many said never make yourself depressed while you're studying.  Make it fun make it fun. Goshh, iff and only if I can. No, I cant make it even a-fun-so-called-activity as I will not concentrate at all. Main-main boleh aa. Memorising is the most annoying part. Huu sorry for using kinda word but I cant stand, And it ends by cannot perform well in the question's sheet if I DONT CHANGE :(

15 June 2011

An Egyptian friend of mine gave me this last few days...
If u break an egg by outside force , then it's life is ended
but if it breaks by inside force then it will get a new life...

great things starts from inside , so start working on yourself
It's sooo true,right? Hmm...

11 June 2011

Semangat semangat yosh!

15th June start final exam. Dan seperti biasa rasa macam banyak gila la weh tak tahu ni. Lepastu macam cuak tapi sambil cuak tengok  Nora Elena 2 episod jap. Wah wah memang terpesong betol.

Setiap kali nak exam mesti rasa nak stress,tertekan,depresi lepastu nak tukar course. Tapi bila difikir balik drama-drama macamni ni cuma waktu exam je. Jadi mungkin i takdelah benci mana dengan course medic nih. Cuma benci exam je. Tapi alangkan belajar driving pun kena ada exam ini pulak belajar medik. So lets grow up and not drama-drama anymore.

Kali ini i akan cuba meng-embrace exam sebagai salah satu ketentuan hidup T_T. Justeru selain dari penstudy-an secara gerak gempur, persediaan mental dan fizikal juga dititikberatkan.

Ya. Bolehlah kalau nak buat perbandingan meja di musim tidak exam dan di musim exam. Katil tak ambik bahagian lagi ni.  

 Jus-jus buah memang sangat-sangatlah diperlukan di musim panas sebegini. Berkotak-kotak kau.....

Kalau musim-musim exam macam ni,kan bagos kalau boleh buat request kat housemates nak makan itu ini ngaaaaaa *drooling*. Hoii,apa kau ingat orang lain taknak belajar. Huehh ye ye i tahu tapi,mengidaamm.

Ahhh saiko betol laaaaa -.-'

08 June 2011


Astaghfirullah.. Tak study langsong malam ni. Hari ni pon study DUA mukasurat je? Eyy, final seminggu je lagi. Ada ape hal?? Kenape ni kenape. Nak belajar sampai buku koyak uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T.T
Ni aku tengok,keypad yang makin luntur warna ada la (ada eh macam ni? -.-) Helpless. Budak ni sukar dijangka. Sukar ditafsir. Sekarang laptop dah ada balik, lagi dia nak tunjuk gangster. Hiyahhh! >.<

06 June 2011

upon missing

I fear that I will always be,
A lonely number like root three..

A three is all that's good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight,
Beneath a vicious square-root sign?

I wish instead I were a nine,
For nine could thwart this evil trick,
With just some quick arithmetic..

I know I'll never see the sun,
As 1.7321..

Such is my reality,
A sad irrationality..

When, hark, just what is this I see?
Another square root of a three,
Has quietly come waltzing by,
Together now we multiply,
To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an interger..

We break free from our mortal bonds,
And with a wave of magic wands,
Our square-root signs become unglued,
And love for me has been renewed..

notakaki : bahagia. laptop sudah kembali ke pangkuan setelah hampir 2 bulan terpisah :')

01 June 2011

rehat sebentar bersama kitkat!

Pheww penattt! Rasa macam tak cukup 02 pon ade. Uhh melampau. Apa lah yang nak over sangat nih. Cakap je lah penat study for non-stop and now nak relax-relax jap. Heee eh dah tercakap lah pulak :p

Okay lah nak diringkaskan cerita, sekarang dah masuk musim imtihan kaaan. Jadi, fatrah exam ni sebenarnye banyak sangat. Time ni lah orang nak gado-gado. Kesabaran sangat-sangat diuji. Tido terganggu. Orang tido kita jaga, orang jaga kita tido *terasa*. Makan minum yang sangat tak teratur. Err kuantiti pon macam kurang je. Okaaaay,ini bukan diet! Loss appetite jee. Huu~ Part ni tak boleh bagitahu ahli beyt,nanti free-free kena paksa makan dengan banyaknye. Hee peace korang! ^^

But the main point here is hmmm waa rindu sangaaattt kat kawan-kawan sekolah, kawan-kawan u, kawan-kawan maktab. Ecehh,macam banyak tempat je yang aku dah bertapa but like seriouslyy, i miss you guysss :'(

Korang semua pernah terdetik rindu aku tak? Ke aku je yang rindu korang nih? Ehhh sampai hati...

CL Ladies

Cravius Leonidus (05'-09')

Puncak Alams' Mates :)

 Tesl II IPG Pengkalan Chepa

My warm wishes to all of you, my buah hati pengarang jantung ; give your very best in everything ( To Him we should turn). May all your dreams come true and best of luck in your future undertakings! May our friendship last forever and ever :))

notakaki : and i miss you moreeee ~