23 June 2011

kenapa hari ni rasa sangat penat dan penat?

Hurm nothing much to say about today. Biochemistry was not helping me at all :( Tired of always not performing well in exam. Sometimes, im willing to ; when somebody ask me how about the exam, then ill answer confidently, "Yahh,Alhamdulillah great :))))))))" WHENNNNNNN will it happen?

And tomorrow, continue with the oral but hell yes, i dont have any spirit left by now. They are running no where. I did skype with the fam for about 3 hours just now and i feel relief. By talking to the little boy,listening to his voice. Pfffttttt. I talked to him till i fall asleep hihi while he was busy playing computer games -.-' An hour after that, about 11pm something, i heard a soft voice, " Kakak kakak, bangunnn. Adik nok tutup computer doh ni. Bangun kakkk." Goshhh, his voiceee. Kakak love you adik moahmoah! :*

And i just miss few moments that gave me something from each.

I'll (always) find you because I know you'll be there for me just like the stars during the day.
*mr.photog phewwit! ;)

A very very very best friend you are! Understands me like no one can do better than you :')

Ini serious gambar lama. Guwa tak tipu ahh :p Hey youuu! Please please wait for my homecoming! Then, we'll conquer the world. Gonna celebrate our anniversary yaww. I MISS YOU MUCHOSSS BESTIE!

Awww muka orang mengamuk tuuu ;) Well cuzzy, for sure you're one of them who lighten up my day kehkeh. I know you miss me loads. That's why yang suruh I balik awal tu kan kan? Elehhh :p

Okay done with all the old pictures but fresh memories,here


- Han!m - said...

syg.. be strong k.. jgn mudh give up.. try n try again.. i always by ur side.. be happy k.. bla nk blik msia.. kbaq kt cek noooohhhhh... :)))

Anonymous said...

untunglah study kat oversea kan.. BEST.. kat dunia tak ada benda yg SENANG kan.. semua org ada kelebihan masing2.. xsemua bnda kita tahu sbb tu kena bnyak belajar..(ckp tuk dri sndri sbb EKONOMI sush gila.......) hohoho.. apa2 pown semoga terus sukses yeah...!!! :)