30 June 2011

The 100th Post

Yes, just like mentioned above. This is my 100th post. Lets do something special for this time. Hee. Something special must go to someone special isn't it. So here it is :)

I know I barely do this as others maybe. But you know me well,don't you?



For the one who I care the most,thanks for every single thing you had done for me. I mean, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Its too lotsss,I know. Always being too patient with me is you :) Baik hati sangat macam tu lahh. Hehe. You made each of my dreams come so true. You tried your level best to fulfil what I'm demanding for. I just don't know how to show that I appreciate you much as mine. But see! One of my efforts proved! Hee. Y'know, I'm scared because there's only one of you. Three years, not a short period though. I'm always praying and keep asking HIM so that HE gives the perfect ending for us and paling penting; you get the chance to pursue in the future undertaking that you're dreaming of. You deserve for it,love. Anyhow, HE knows the best for you. And and of courseee we can discuss in our study together after this! Muehehe. Errr via skype? Pon bolehhh :D

You are the best bestfriend of mine. 
Merci beaucoup. Je t'adore MSA

fyi,i dont even care if YOU girl wanna condemn me again or whatsoever,
you can write anything you want in your blog,
i know this post gonna give you a gross, 
like i careeee :)

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