28 September 2010

Uneasy Feeling...

Today: 27/9! off to Egypt,tomorrow morning..

hurm.. done with packing.. going to KL this evening with all my sayangness~ huk3 :(my goodness.. pleaseee.. give me the strength.. im not strong enough for this.. far apart from the beloved ones will make one cant stand longer.. same goes to me.. gonna be a loner soon.. it's mustn't yet shouldn't! and i won't!

for real.. the feeling.. erghh.. made the past haunt me.. you cant be like this Nana.. fascinate all the obstacles patiently.. be strong,dear.. you're a fighter! fight for your dreams.. being a DOCTOR! how you wish it becomes true..

dont waste time much more.. hmphh.. i have the experiences.. wanna share the experiences with people,who have the same one.. once got in Uitm Puncak Alam,thought it was my destination to colour the dreams even more.. a month having the joy at PALAM,heaven! my bad, it's wrong.. after getting the offer from IPG,offered TESL as my option,did not make the dream fade after all.. seriously.. im not approving the IPG wholeheartedly.. staying at the hostel,without a roomate made me weaker.. i cant stand it anymore though the BI2 members,just having like keluarga bahagia from day to day..

that's what we call fate..
Alhamdulillah.. a month at IPGKKB taught me lots of lessons that give me the strength to discharge from it.. i've got the offer to further my study in Egypt.. thanks God,it's MEDIC! i knew,few out there doubt me.. why?? im not the good decission maker,right?? many told me so.. heyy.. you think im doing all this while for suka suki?? nooooo.. im not.. really.. im doubting myself for it to.. im too sad even some besties told me im the luckiest for having all the experinces that people dont.. is't true?i dont know..  

im flying higher,not dreaming any longer..
with the supports i have, i'll go for it all out!! by the time i made this entry im pretty sure that im strong enough to say goodbye.. i'll leave you,but i'll come for you,later.. i do fight for my family!!  just bless me with the prayers.. i do miss you terribly :'(

25 September 2010


got this new gadget today! =D winkwink^^

the Aino.

and the old one..never say goodbye..hehs :p

the N70.

forever loving you..

notakaki: LP;150710

20 September 2010


gulp.. tomorrow.. it's final.. sooooo depressed.. HAHAHA! bajet lah.. juz wanna wish all the beloved PALAMians, the best of luck in your final exam for this sem.. hopefully, 4 rata is in your hands.. just believe in yourselves and always put your trust in ALLAH.. Specially dedicated to The Ilai's;Anim,Ibu,Qah,Yati,The Gurls;Kema,Yah,Balqis,Mirah,Ayu,Yana,The F1's;Farahin,Farhanim,Farah,Faizah,the others anddd My Pro :: I KNOW YOU ALL CAN DO IT!


10 DAYS!! --->THE PREP??

My 10 days left more.. i've not totally prepared yet! 50% i think or hurm.. may i say 40%?? hee^^  oh yess.. i'm off to Egypt on 28th September 2010.. today,i've asked Sya to accompany me to get few things done.. i wanna buy some outfits,err.. proper attire i mean.. hehe.. but.. sincerely, sense of my shoppaholic just like go.. go away.. huk3 :( 

no worries.. once i got into KB MALL.. zaaaaaaaaaaaazzz!! the mood came.. HAHA! firstly, grabbed a cardigan.. then.. erm.. err.. mmm.. haihh.. my purse dah kempis.. oupps okay.. after that, went to the Balai Islam and YIK to settle things down.. agak-agak dah lewat petang,baru rasa nak balik rumah.. hehe..

hurm..about the preparation..
i've packed the dry daun kari,daun limau purut and daun pandan.. hehe.. but the ginger and its cousins do not dry enough yet.. *lama kot nak kena jemur semua tuu.. oh yeaa.. last two days,mama and papa got me all the perkakas masakan like perencah-perencah tuu.. haha.. pity me.. i have to cook on my own! but then,err.. mama told me that a special course will be held for me before going.. mama~~mwahhh! hehs :)

about the luggage..
ggrrhh.. 30kg is not enough for me,oke? not enough! baju kurung, blouses, shirts, skirts, long pants, jeans, sweaters, shoes, towels, food etc.. waaaaa..  banyak harta benda nak bawak ni.. adoyay.. who cares...........................................................

17 September 2010

A bLasT gaTheRiNg!!!

Thankss KB MALL! hahaha! yeahh.. finally we manage to gather again to meet the eyes :):) 
credits to those who berhempas pulas to make the gathering succeed as yesterday! for real, it was a blast day!

at first,i didn't feel like wanna join the gathering.. hee.. having some troubs actually.. hurm~ then.. after got a message from a bestie, i tried my level best to settle the troubs.. hehe.. thanks goodness i made it! upon my arrival, it was lunch hour.. mmm.. quite frustrated because i can't show up my performace in bowlingness.. wahaha.. *perasan..pegang bola pun x lepas.. hee.. okay the perut perut sudah berkeroncong,we surveyed a spot restaurant to makanmakan & minumminum.. it was hard to find a place that can fix all of us together under  one roof.. hek3.. so.. some of us went to kfc, half preferred pizza and the others, the food court :(:(

the gurlsss...

having pizza hut!

but goshh!!
after lunch, i had just realized that our numbers quite BIG! we wanna to snap pictures as kenang-kenangan in front of the pizza hut's restaurant.. hahaha! really.. we are large in size! our voices made the other customers tercengang-cengang like we were having a big work.. ngee~ we snapped few photos.. im doing great as i can meet the CLians.. at least i can say sayonara to them.. sobs :'(

Loved CLians

late at the evening,after having the hugs and kisses,all of us went back to our own destinations.. hehehehehehehehe ;)

10 September 2010

1 sYaWaL...

'Dengar dengar itu..beduk telah berbunyi..sebulan puasa..tamatlah hari ini..lalala~'

okay fine..stop singing with your sour sweet voice..hee :) proudly want to wish you,all of my family members,friends,besties and all Muslims..


but before that, i would like to ask for your forgiveness for all my wrongdoings from the moment you know the human being named Nur Fatanah Adnan..
may God bless all of you..SALAM LEBARAN~

*so no time to make this entry so well..*sibuk nk raya da kn..hehs:)