17 September 2010

A bLasT gaTheRiNg!!!

Thankss KB MALL! hahaha! yeahh.. finally we manage to gather again to meet the eyes :):) 
credits to those who berhempas pulas to make the gathering succeed as yesterday! for real, it was a blast day!

at first,i didn't feel like wanna join the gathering.. hee.. having some troubs actually.. hurm~ then.. after got a message from a bestie, i tried my level best to settle the troubs.. hehe.. thanks goodness i made it! upon my arrival, it was lunch hour.. mmm.. quite frustrated because i can't show up my performace in bowlingness.. wahaha.. *perasan..pegang bola pun x lepas.. hee.. okay the perut perut sudah berkeroncong,we surveyed a spot restaurant to makanmakan & minumminum.. it was hard to find a place that can fix all of us together under  one roof.. hek3.. so.. some of us went to kfc, half preferred pizza and the others, the food court :(:(

the gurlsss...

having pizza hut!

but goshh!!
after lunch, i had just realized that our numbers quite BIG! we wanna to snap pictures as kenang-kenangan in front of the pizza hut's restaurant.. hahaha! really.. we are large in size! our voices made the other customers tercengang-cengang like we were having a big work.. ngee~ we snapped few photos.. im doing great as i can meet the CLians.. at least i can say sayonara to them.. sobs :'(

Loved CLians

late at the evening,after having the hugs and kisses,all of us went back to our own destinations.. hehehehehehehehe ;)

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