20 September 2010

10 DAYS!! --->THE PREP??

My 10 days left more.. i've not totally prepared yet! 50% i think or hurm.. may i say 40%?? hee^^  oh yess.. i'm off to Egypt on 28th September 2010.. today,i've asked Sya to accompany me to get few things done.. i wanna buy some outfits,err.. proper attire i mean.. hehe.. but.. sincerely, sense of my shoppaholic just like go.. go away.. huk3 :( 

no worries.. once i got into KB MALL.. zaaaaaaaaaaaazzz!! the mood came.. HAHA! firstly, grabbed a cardigan.. then.. erm.. err.. mmm.. haihh.. my purse dah kempis.. oupps okay.. after that, went to the Balai Islam and YIK to settle things down.. agak-agak dah lewat petang,baru rasa nak balik rumah.. hehe..

hurm..about the preparation..
i've packed the dry daun kari,daun limau purut and daun pandan.. hehe.. but the ginger and its cousins do not dry enough yet.. *lama kot nak kena jemur semua tuu.. oh yeaa.. last two days,mama and papa got me all the perkakas masakan like perencah-perencah tuu.. haha.. pity me.. i have to cook on my own! but then,err.. mama told me that a special course will be held for me before going.. mama~~mwahhh! hehs :)

about the luggage..
ggrrhh.. 30kg is not enough for me,oke? not enough! baju kurung, blouses, shirts, skirts, long pants, jeans, sweaters, shoes, towels, food etc.. waaaaa..  banyak harta benda nak bawak ni.. adoyay.. who cares...........................................................

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