17 June 2011

a HOUSE is not a HOME

Oh my god, I feel like crying all over tonight. I wanna go back home so badly. I miss home, I miss papa, I miss mama, I miss the kiddos. Sobs! :'( Nobody knows what I feel deep inside. Pleaseee, I need to go far far away from Cairo. Just pleaseee :'( I want to stay apart. Im broken. Tears rolling down. Mom dad, really need your companion. Cant help it while skype-ing with papa just now, just telling him that the connection was not so good as I didn't want papa to see her strong growing daughter was crying in front of him. I tried my best to cover the voice. Sometimes, I stopped a moment. I didn't want papa to ask WHY Im crying because I will continuosly lied by answering the same-study problem. Ohh Goddd :( Whyyy she's always giving me a damn.


It is so sick when it comes to examination. Yes, I mean all the examination, not only finale. It's stressing! Many said never make yourself depressed while you're studying.  Make it fun make it fun. Goshh, iff and only if I can. No, I cant make it even a-fun-so-called-activity as I will not concentrate at all. Main-main boleh aa. Memorising is the most annoying part. Huu sorry for using kinda word but I cant stand, And it ends by cannot perform well in the question's sheet if I DONT CHANGE :(


analisiszikri said...

jatuh kali ini,bangkit masa depan.kenang kisah silam.moga kau kan tersenyum,dear..

.nana. said...

jzkk Zik. insyaAllah,bimbing2 la ehh. Hehe :)

.nana. said...

#papa said : kakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sabar lah jange nangis lagi be stronggggggggg. sebulan jah lg kak nak balik dan posa kat umah bersama pa dan ma dan adikkkkkkkkkk

#yes papa,i will :)