24 June 2011

Sometimes we need the happiness

Done with the oral last morning, we straight away went to Tahrir as we wanna grab our Visa. Unfortunately, Im the one who always hook up with Tahrir (haha) got my Visa undone yet. Ohmyyy I felt like Im screaming at the counter. Lucky me, Ive Indonesian friend there who can talk politely with the officer. While waiting the Visas for 2 hours, we went somewhere to feed our tummy. And after that, yeahh of couse we went for shopping! Lalalala. I got new maxi with belt. My friends bought few skirts and blouses as well. Tahrir is a heaven for those shoppaholic like err okay like us! ;))

Everybody was so tired and we're on our way back home. For dinner, there's an agreement between the chef of the day from each house. They want to cook Nasi Minyak today! However, its a must that Dina who'll be the master chef hehe. Dina stays with seniors in Abou Risy. My housemates made some puding roti and agar-agar. Natrah brought the juice. Thanks Natrah and Natrah also staying with the seniors. So,yes we had a great dinner last night! We laughed lots,yes we're happy.

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