01 July 2011

'HAPPY' J.U.L.Y !!

By putting the world happy before July upright there, I'm really hoping that July can truly give me the happiness that I'm seeking for. Okay,for some reasons maybe. Lets make a checklist throughout this month :)

                           #Physiology Written Exam
                           #Physiology Oral Exam
                           #Grand Dinner dress hunting
                           #English Exam
                           #Grand Dinner GEN X
                           #G2G members' party
                           #Shopping for Malaysia Homecoming 
                           #Travelling around Egypt
                           #Dreampark (Yayy!)
                           #Going back to Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D

Okay,all together is about 10 events plus and minus. Make sure that I end the Physiology proudly first hikhik. InsyaAllahhh. July, please be nice to me. ILOVEYOU!


juee said...

July will surely be nice to you ;) insyaALLAH. i'll pray for you.

.nana. said...

sob3 thankyouuu baby jue! hik3. insyaAllah. muahhhx! :*