07 July 2011

chicken tikka

Yahh finally the final exam is over, yesterday but not to forget one more English paper to go hewhew. So, as planned we went to Chicken Tikka last night in Mohandeseen. But for Neena and me, we did go early as we had something to settle down. Actually, y'know in Egypt it is illegal for us girls to go out at night if there's no an ustaz or 'mushrif' together with us. It's more to precaution and for good. Somehow, we did it last night *and many times before ;)*

Since before this I've never been in Mohandeseen at night, I was so impressed. It was just too nice to have night view here. Maybe bcs ini tempat orang kaya-kaya? Haha whatever.

So, the rest came at 9.00 omg why so latee? Hee. Then, mama chose menu for the dinner. Yummayhh! Okay snap snap first :p

Now look at everybody makan-makan. Dont search for me. Im invisible. (Elehh,cakap je la kau horror time makan makan)

Yeehaa after semua dah buntal buntal, we did go to the dataran along Mohandeseen Street but since it was already late, we just took few minutes there for photoshoot tapi takde DSLR la tapi tsk tsk.

Okay thats all. We did go back early at 12 in the midnight ;) Last night was a blast! Next agenda pleasee? Hee. Love ya all muuaahhh!

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