11 July 2011

please give me money

In light of everything that's happening in Malaysia right now...  All of a sudden everybody has an opinion and they want to voice it out. Teett there's no relation with what I'm going to say after this actually. Hehe.

Y'know at last we've found a new house. Being tired with Egyptian is normal but terima je lah kan. The house rent hurm is quite okay compared to current house. Alhamdulillah, finally I got my single room-just-for-me. Teehee! :))) Like like! Bilik I gila besar tahap satu family boleh datang Egypt and then stay in my room. Wah wah over tak. 

But everybody knows, it's not an easy thing to move in and move out. I mean, need much costs of course! Like thousandssss. Normal thing right? So, keep calm and carry on. Hee.

notakaki : the most annoying feeling is when it comes to exam zone, berlumba-lumba nak update blog. but when exam is over, rasa malas tak hengat. ohh sibuk sangat membeli-belah gamaknyee -.-"

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