03 July 2011


A very nice person I'd meet. Took just few moments, for us to get along with.  She's too understanding and happening,believe me. Lucky me to have this one precious girl named Siti  Fatihah. The closest friend I have in Egypt. Really? Hehe. Ohh seriously, I envy for those who can stay beside you :p  I miss you,  babe. I miss your laugh, I miss your concern and everything. Thanks for always being my strength. Huk3 wait for me in Zaqaziq okayy? I'm fighting here, for Physio. Pray for my me and my life. Love you :*

P/S : semek I'm sorry,baru tengok your entry on my birthday haha lame me ;) Btw thanks lots wehh serious terharu sangat naseb baik xbabak tiyok kokse jah hahaha :D


juee said... happy that you are obviously jealous of me. kan kan?? :B

zehni said...

haha,lek ahh ill be here for you :)
miss you tooo nana :*

.nana. said...

jue:obviously yes,okay? dah,tak pyh happy2 sgt. mwahaha :D

aah:u're always welcome :) sweet kae aku? kahkah.