29 October 2010


Is it?! a month.. im here for a month already :D see?? how indah my life is! HAHA! err.. im still new in ardhul kinanah btw.. but,sincerely.. i've learnt much of lessons since my first footstep here.. life teach me everything about life..

pfffffffffftttttttttt~ there's a lot i wanna express here.. LOTS! i wanna express everything.. lol =.=' *takkan nye.. tengok jer lah.. hek3..

..........Thanks God,i've given  a soulmate to be with me for the time being my life here.. we share everything ; joy,sadness.. we laugh together.. we cry together.. the teardrops will be the witness of our friendship.. i promise you! may the holding of our hands before we cross Egypt's roads every single day,strengthen the brachial plexus.. hehs! ;) err.. may i dedicate a song for LULU? short one! hee~

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever...

a month here.. life not stable,yet.. studyyy? i love medic.. definitely! i love ANATOMY,PHYSIOLOGY,HISTOLOGY.. and err BIOCHEMISTRY.. should i love it too?? HAHA! every subject is taught in Arabic.. so?? can you imagine that? i've to work double, triple or even more is better.. ngee~ grab the MUMTAZ,insyaAllah..

bait? housemates? oh yeaa.. we rent a house together with the JAIS's students in mouniera.. they're nice! grateful to have housemates that match us..hehe..*i'll story about them in other entry,later on.. from my house,it takes about 10 minutes to reach the campus by foot.. mouniera such a small town near the Kasr El Aini.. but.. there's a lot of shops here.. seriously! we shopping EVERYDAY! hahaha! 

we went Mataria to get winter coat,jacket and segala bagai benda alah tu.. hehe.. of course they are the preparation for becoming winter! yawww.. can't wait for it lah! ouhh.. we spent lots of money today.. haha.. got jubah,skirt bla bla bla..waa~ i makin boros kat mesir ni! :O 
bang bang boom!! lulu and nana had balloons of lessons and experiences today! hak3! from the beginning till the end.. :DD only US! *rasanya dia akan buat entry untuk ini kot.. hehe..

TODAY IS A MEANINGFUL DAY... not a fairytale~ ;)

notakaki: ayat untuk entry ini skema.maaf sangatsangat.mata tersangat mengantuk kerana T.T

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