12 October 2010

Doc Wannabe??

weehoo~ after a week having fun at Rumah Kelantan Baru..finally, been at Kasr El Ainy.. hehe.. it's the other name for Medical Department.. lbih kurang cam gitu lahh.. Cairo u.. just nice.. for real.. at least,better than Ain Shams,i guess.. ouppss... so sorry if im mistaken.. just having a look for 10 cents maybe, last few days there.. yesterday.. attending the first lecture.. yaww.. seriously, medic.. HARD! plus,the lecture is in arabic,youuu!! great what? haha.. the doctor taught in arabic without doubt and nonstop! pfft.. the Malaysian?? nganga la jwbnyer.. sumpah bengang.. nana? guess guess? apa aku buat.. haha..

okay.. second day.. yerp.. seems like better than yesterday.. during the anatomy practical,the zimbabwe's student made a request, for all the foreigners can  be grouped in a special group so that the doctor can teach us in English! thank goodness..  can take note from it.. heyy.. mata doc tu cantik! hehe.. however.. still.. too lots of lessons that i've to catch up.. =.= start to depressed but not GIVING UP yet,oke? it's lost! have to memorize.. make notes and all that.. but then alah bisa tegal biasa.. nak jadi doktor,kan.. okay okay =)

ouuh yaa.. today too,the second day.. i made friend with Mawardah, Nermene and Nohan,the Egyptians.. they are damn sweet! Nermene just like a doctor.. she's bravo! by helping us in Phisiology last morning, i know.. she's gonna be my torchlight soon.. hehs :)

hurm.. i've bought all the Medical books for first year students and they costs L.E 435.00.. not too expensive i thought for 13 books.. haha! now.. the study mood had come! *semangat semangat

notakaki: jumaat ni,masuk rumah baru..rumah kami,CANTIKKK! :D

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