21 January 2011

papa's daughter

Finished skype-ing with beloved family. Frankly speaking, the miss confession that I got from both of lelaki terpenting in my life melted my heart without any hesitation. And the tears rolling down without requested. They made me feel a way touched. Papa and adik. My goodness, cant they go more important than anything in my life? I might die for them. Voice confession, something that we'll record in mind and heart like forever. Believe me or not? Texting, we cant just only describe what we feel for real. But voice... we can detect one's feeling, one's intention and many more, aite? And voice cooperate well with eyes. 

PAPA, whenever Im alone, sadness call me for his companion. I miss those old days when I manage to hug and kiss you every single day. Your warmest smile knows how to cheer me up. You can sense my uneasy feeling though I deny it for times. You know what's the best for me. You're my inspiration!

Old she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.

Yes, I do. Imy :'(

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