10 January 2011

keseriusan seseorang yang memang tak pernah nak serius.

Hey wake up wake up!!!

Next Sunday,you'll gonna sit for your midyear exam,okay? Midyear exam! 

So please be serious pleaseee. Dear blog help me! >.<

Wanna booster huh??

Think of your precious one. Papa mama. 

Think what will happen to you in future if you still like this.

Think what will you write on the answers' sheets.

Think of your result after all the misery you had.

Think of future happiness.

And please bear in your mind, never study just for the exams. You're a doctor wanna be. A doctor has to take responsibility for people's health and well-being. You'll gonna work with HUMANS not machines!

Please,I beg you one more time. Please be serious. No one could change you. You yourself decide it.

A doc wanna be???

notakaki: rasa macam tak berapa betol dah sebab study banyak sangat, eceh! ;)

1 comment:

analisiszikri said...

hahaha..owh nk release tensen esok eh.. cammana tu?