06 January 2011

exam fever. . .

Midyear Exam is just around the corner and my preparation about that? Durhh. Never ask about it. 90% maybe? Gahh. It's lot enough till I hope I can get into the examination hall  by walking up to the toes. Got it? HAHA But then, since the preparation I've made was about only 40% , don't have any idea about that. It's lotsssssssssssssss to cover up everything, I told you! Hey, check it out. Just acting like, sharing is caring. Nguehh :p 
Use all your sense for studying, thinking, memorising, reading, writing, speaking, touching. All these relate to your sense. Thinking and memorising using your mind, seeing what you're reading and writing using your eyes, speaking using your tongue, touching using your skin. When your mind forgot, your eyes, tongue and skin make you remember. When one forgot, others will backup your memorising centre. So, maximize your sense for studying and you will not forget it, insyaAllah. But always set in your mind, study as one of your daily ibadah. Do everyhing only for Allah :)

Oh btw, that's my new novel collection ;) Had bought it last Saturday at Megastore, Citystar. 'The Book Of Tomorrow'. Okay lame. I know. Tapi peduli apa kan. Hehe. Most important, the beginning of the story made me to think lots. Happy Reading! :D

notakaki: hopefully, reading a novel before sleepingbeauty could replace the pillowtalk we used to :(

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