18 January 2011

Beautiful or Cute

For me, they are totally different. Definitely are two different meaning. In my opinion, cute is too common. Like seriously, you can hear people say cute at anywhere anytime. And to be more specific, if guys say that girl is cute this girl is cute, nahhh that means nothing. Hehe. I mean, cute is just a common word to describe everything. Cute can describe our act, our face, and etc. And normally, cute has no behind meaning. People just simply say it. Even when you see babies, you'll say 'This baby is soo cuteee'. Am I right? I meant, usually. Not all the time.

But how about beautiful? Hehe. I don't know, but for me beautiful is really different than cute. And, a guy will only say beautiful to a girl if they really mean it. And they won't say it to every girl unless you know, a playboy. And beautiful is surely for girls. You can say cute for a guy. But not beautiful for a guy. Beautiful is a way special. Trust me, girls want a word beautiful from a guy. They'll feel different if you say that rather than cute. I'm not saying cute is nothing, still you can say it. And I do like that word cute. But yeah, beautiful is just different that cute.

But it's good to get both, cute and beautiful. Hee.

notakaki: one beautiful girl, in my point of view :)

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analisiszikri said...

enti gameel jelah.hehe