26 August 2010

beiNg a tegaR bLoggeR...

olla~ yesss! im done! hahaha! meaning? o yeah.. i do have a BLOG now.. cant believe this though it's a non weirdo thing.. kui3.. heyy.. tell you what, i dont wanna have  a blog before this but.. people can change.. so do i.. walaweyh! hahaha!

im too boring at home! :( durh~nothing much to do.. everyday for me seems to be at the same.. no changes.. sooo.. i must have a blog! [cweh..bajet mcm ada kaitan..haha!].. no laa.. at least i've a medium to say loud what i want to say..

okay okay.. thats all for my first post.. padat dan tepat,kan? hehe.. dunno what to post act.. ngee~ and i know, i still budak baru belajar,need to learn more anyway.. so people,pleaseee.. gimmi some tunjuk ajar,oke? hee~ ;)


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