12 November 2010


hello world !! * bajet mcm 1 dunia tengok blog aku. hahaha..

gagaga~what to tell in this entry yaw? how if im telling about my LUNA's castle? hik3^^  okay,com'on & have an enjoyable trip! here we goooo~

Okay,this is the entrance..haha..macam ape jek!

haa. the tidy one isssss,my compartment~ yuck! perasan! hak3! ;)

this one?? ofcos la lulu's compartment. tidy jugak kan kan kan? hehs :)

taraaa~ feel free to study here?? whenever it's the time-to-makan-so-called,LUNA will mengadap meja ni. hahaha! just for hi-tea & supper,okayyy? ngee~
hah! that's our valuable cupboard! haha! it keeps our all of our hartabenda tightly. p/s: okay,sila abaikan bakul pink di sebelah kiri almari tu yer?? haha. tengah tunggu turn nak jemur kat ampaian sebenarnye tu. hehs! ;)

soo guys,how is it? simple,aite? hehe..we're having lots of fun in our castle.. we love it! :D

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