26 April 2015

Taken for granted

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I don't know the purpose of writing this, I think I had it more than enough. I think I need to spill this out. It burdens my heart, so much. Because after all I feel being used. I've been always asking the real meaning of  'taken for granted'. Never be in that situation, yet. But for this time, it punched me real in the face. Yes finally I know how does it feel. Too sad, yet still not tired of being hurt again and again. I just feel like forgiving this kind of people. Too bad thinking this only happens in relationship. I was wrong. When it happens in friendship, you will never feel worst than this. 

People just don't appreciate you when you're always with them. They can't see that. They can't see you will always there, whenever they need you. They come and go. Treating you like normal. Like nothing's happened. Like you've not being hurt. Like you don't even have a heart. Pretty cool though how can you do that? Yeah, how can I do that. Pretending I am okay, even I am not. 

God, I miss being 17 :'(

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