10 April 2011

Done with Histology's Mid-Term, today. Up till now, preparing for Biochemistry's Mid-Term and Physiology's Spring Test that will be held within this month too. Nahhh, musim bunga pon ada test. Menarik bukan? LOL

Dear Papa & Mama, though sometimes the spirit faded, but for both of you, I'll keep on going. And really sorry for the confession I've made last days. Never repeat it in future. Yes yes. Once I've opted this path, forever I'll be, insyaAllah. No turning back

In advance, wanna make a wish for those besties and friends at matriculations who'll sit for finals and some in progress (Go PASUMians Go!), BEST OF LUCK to all of youuuu! Believe in yourself, you can make it!  =)

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