07 August 2011

earth do turn around

Salam alayk.

Sorry for being M.I.A for quite a long period. Few things just appeared in the same time. 

I dont know how to start. So, lets begin with what I saw just now. After fetching my sister at her school, on our way, we stopped a while because of the traffic light. There were a mother and her son (8 y/o) on a motorcycle. Her son was so sleepyyyy and he slept on his mother's back. Somehow, his mother tried to wake him up, worried if he might fell off. So, she poked and poked her son few times until he awake and laugh. Ohmygoddd that scene was so sweeeet :)

Second thing is y'know, after every fight, every argument, every heart break. At the end of the day none of it even matters anymore. Because you’d rather keep the relationship, and let the problem go. Not keep the problem and let the relationship go. No matter what happens, No matter how much it hurts. Nothing is more important than that person. And for you, may you have a safe journey ahead,love. And happy study in advance! Medic is fun yaww :D (okay sangat cliche -.-')

Third thing is lets us pray harder in this barakah month :)  
Sabda Rasulullah;
ثَلاَثَةٌ لاَ تُرَدُّ دَعْوَتُهُم: الصَّائِمُ حَتَّى يُفْطِرَ، وَالإِمامُ العادِلُ، وَدَعْوَةُ المَظْلُومِ
“Tiga manusia yang tidak akan ditolak doa mereka (oleh Allah); Orang yang berpuasa hinggalah ia berbuka, Imam (pemimpin) yang adil, Doa orang yang dizalimi”.
(Riwayat Imam Tirmizi dan Ibnu Majah dari Abu Hurairah r.a.)

and it is better late than never,

Happy Fasting,everybody!

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ApoLusia said...

so sweet..