14 September 2012

Muara Hati

It's like a fish which is continually fighting the current trying to go against the flow. Well, it's much easier to go on the other way and you don't make waves. This means you are getting along with the majority and not causing any problems. Besides, you're staying in the mainstream of things.

But what if you were being on the edge, wouldn't you just go with the flow? Once a friend of mine said that 'going with the flow' isn't good since most people will end up doing nothing. They will just lay back, hurting themselves. Or are their mouth being glued? Being speechless? Or are these people showing their poker faces? Maybe. Congratulations.

If you've done something but don't see anything like you're expecting the way it should be, so just go with the flow. At the same time, do work harder. Put your faith up high. Believe in Him. Someday, you'll achieve it.

Jumu'ah Mubarakah everyone :)

notakaki : Muara hati OST Adam dan Hawa is on repeat now. Dah berapa ratus kali dah duk repeat ni haa :P Lagu ni perfect. Hee.


Nurmujahidah Ismail said...

kenapa jadi ada dua entry sama?

.nana. said...

ha'a tu la pasal. nak buat cane eh muja? :(

inani said...

hai nana, awak buat apa tu hihi.

hai muja yang setiap hari aku jumpa nak g kelas. hahaha.

.nana. said...

hai cik nani tiut. sy tgh dgr muara hati ni HAHA

nurul said...

cik nanaku sayangggg... saya pun tgh mood muara gati...hehehhe

.nana. said...

hai yahhh syg! nurul ni yah la kae? hehe. btw ada ke lagu muara gati? hahaha kidding2! :D