21 December 2010


Im sorry dear. I broke the rule. I just can't stop myself from switch-ing on the lappy and produce this entry. The good news was really-really made my day! Sorry once more ;)

Alhamdulillahhh.. That's only the word that came out from my mouth after got the phone call from Papa last morning. Papa was still in Putrajaya. He told me about the sweetest ever news, briefly. I just don't know what should I say to Papa. Im speechless. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Thanks God!

Oh mygoodness. Can somebody tell me,am I too lucky as I got this good fortune? Oh yess. Im pretty sure that you guys will keep asking, what on earth im talking about,is't? *bajet mcm rmai baca blog aku haha. Okay,this will explain you clearly. Impressed? Yess! That's what I feel now. How come im selected in that only 300 lucky persons. No objection, but still, I can't believe it since the very first time Papa told me about this. And I just,broke into grateful tears. T.T

Papa Mama. They're the happiest persons for this,for sure. I can see it from their faces and eyes. Oh God thanksss. You made my precious can breath deeply now. At least, I can ease their burden. Nobody knows and understand my real condition by right. Oh please,never underestimate. Hehe. Studying abroad by private? Yess,everybody will just assume that it's loaded enough by holding that status,dude! Nooo darlings. You're wrong. Im the typical one.

In the meantime,he got the 1MDB too hehs! :))) *senyum lebarlebar.  Is't what we call destiny? Eceh! F√©licitations aussi cherie~ (^^,)

notakaki: tibatiba rasa sayang lebih kat Malaysia. Teehee :D


analisiszikri said...

bangga ak ngn ahli beyt.bolehla tumpang belanja pas nih..hee

.nana. said...

time kaseh zikkk! hee~
insyaAllah..nnti blaja mkn bnyk2..
kn beyt mok haha!:D