03 December 2010


Hello! Let us start our lesson today with the important derivatives of monosaccharides-aminosugars. kehkeh :p

Okay,they are formed from the corresponding monosaccharide by replacing the OH group at C2 with amino group (NH2) e.g. glusamine,galactosamine and mannosamine.

Aminosugars are important contituents of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) or mucopolysaccharides and some types of glycolipids e.g. gangliosides. They are conjugated with acetic acid and/or sulphate to form different derivatives as follows: 

.............psstt.. just abandon the other examples,yeah? the most important is --->
Sialic acid or N-acetyl-neuraminic acid (NANA). muahaha :D yess. NANA enters in the structure of many glycolipids and glycoprotein. It forms an important structure of cell membrane and has many functions as follows:
  1. It is important for cell recognition and interaction.
  2. It is important constituent of cell membrane receptors.
  3. It plays an important role in cell membrane transport systems.
Sooo,as the nutshell of our lesson today.. im too important in your life,right??  hik3^^ no offence,guys~

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