07 December 2010


The Maal Hijrah,which is also called Awal Muharram, is an important day for Muslims not only to commemorate the hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad Mecca to Medina but also to reflect their inner self and deeds.

The Hijrah that occured 1432 years ago is still relevant in its essence today that goes beyond the physical migration,the migration from ignorance to enlightment through the Al Quran.

Every year the Maal Hijrah is celebrated by recalling the historic migration that is also the cornerstone of Islam :)

Today,all of us,the first-year-medical-students really really had fun time. A program titled SHAQAH SISTERS' PICNIC was held at Hadiqah Azhar or Al-Azhar Park. It's organised by PERUBATAN. We're about 100 all together. My goodness,the park is awesome! Who knows in hectic Cairo,still located the green-park-so-called. Phewww~ You know,we had pot luck! :D Yeahh! Varieties of food served in front of me. Rawwrr. *aku suka makan! HAHA XD

Here we go,some pics of us. :)

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