25 October 2012

things happen for a reason

Salam alayk..

Just a short update from me. I'm about to go somewhere that i've never been before. So yeah, gonna have my Eiduladha there. Should name it as a sweet escape as no one knows us, i mean my housemates and me are not celebrating our eid here. Ampun maaf dipinta terlebih dahulu. Mesti korang-korang yg geng ni makan hati kan kitorang pergi macam ni jee. Hehe takpe, have a blast Eiduladha in Cairo. Let me heals the broken heart... :)

(Ahahaha poyo, my heart is unbroken pongg. Saje jeeee :D)

After this, i'll update some pictures in .... yo? Haha. Last words from me, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha. Sesungguhnya di setiap kematian itu ialah permulaan kepada satu kehidupan.

Love you and toodles :)


Anonymous said...

salam aidiladha awak :')

.nana. said...

ayuuuuu :)