21 February 2011

memory never fades

Last night, odp. Hee. Takde lah lama sangat. 2 jam je. Kannn? ;)


Guys, do you have memory or should it takes, memories? For sure lah ada, kan. Yahhh. Memories cant be forgotten, aite? Esp sweet memories. Don't know how but it rather stays in heart like forever :) Friendship, learned since childhood but at that particular time, still, too naive in judging people. So, friendship comes meaningless. Somehow, true friendship revealed later. Not so sure about the timeline, but it hits.

For me, high schools friends got hot stuffs. You know what does it means? Till now, do you still remember your h.s friends? Exactly YES, right? So yeah, they do! I know, many told that uni's buddies are better. Hello, jangan lupa daratan okayy? JK JK :D And do you believe me on this and only this? H.s friends are non-easily forgotten for whatsoever they had done. Their concern, their laughs, tears, and I'm sure you can think of it for many more. And I do believe, anyhow we cant judge people or new friends that we met. Need some more time, maybe? After that, we can be BESTFRIEND. To tell you what, bestfriend cant never turn into lover. Dont ask me. It's just cant. Hee.

But for me, you guys, CRAVIUS LEONIDUS rocks my world. Learn so many many things. Sweets & sours mixed. Yang penting, 5Al-Biruni memang di hatiku. Teehee :p 

With Love:
  • Aiman
  • Safuan
  • Arif
  • Azurin
  • Hafizi
  • Izzat
  • Veda
  • K.Azman
  • Badrun
  • Asyraf
  • Balqis
  • Atiqah
  • Nurul
  • Nadia
  • Aini
  • Fatanah (me included :p)
  • N.Farhan
  • Adyani
  • Izzati
  • Nuraini
  • Aisyah
  • Amiruddin
  • K.Anuar
  • Alif
  • Izzul
  • Zulhashime
  • Amir 
  • Afiq
  • Iewan
  • A.Farhan

How I miss the schooldays :'(

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