09 May 2012

what a day.

Auhhhh what a day!!
Yess, salam alayk :)

Im a happy kid! When your typical day becomes your best day ever, so i hope you literally understand what i mean. Heee. Like seriouslyyy dapat banyak gile hadiah harini! Ngaa terharu tersentuh gembira sedih semua perasaan ada bercampur baur. Sukeee sangat hadiah-hadiah ni. Yeah, like whooo doesn't love gift right? Tapi maybe sebab saya pon suka bagi hadiah dekat orang kan. Ngee ;) Because i know the feeling of receiving any gift or present from anybody. Delighted much. Jadiiiii bagi saya hadiah banyak-banyak! Hahaha. My soooo belated birthday was about one month ago y'know yet stiiillll there's people whom always put me in their mind. How sweet isn't? :') Fly jauh-jauh apa semua. Ihik. I got my hello kitty (!), cards, jacket, shirts, blouse, toys (:p) , perfume, chocolates, accesorries and what not. Oh my oh my. Syukur alhamdulillah...

Really.appreciate.each.of.them. If there's another word that could replace the 'thank you', im so gonna use it, people. I swear. Awhhh thank you a lotttt to whoever whom gave me all these. Thank you, okay? :))) May you guys have many good returns. 
I love you muchy muchos!   

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