13 March 2011

Pelarian Musim Sejuk 2011

Let pictures do much of the talkings.
P/s : Sorry for being late guys. Hee. Anyway, we shared lots of memories =) Thanks for making the crisis turned wonderful!

 Fridge, orang kaya pon kalah macam ni -.-'

Meninggalkan kediaman di Mounira.

One of Besties, from Jordan. 

Happy faces after the evacuation's announcement.

Desperate gilaaa :D


@ Dewan Malaysia Abbasiyah, Kaherah.

@ Cairo International Airport

@ Jeddah Airport


First supper, Maggi Cup hehs!

Having roti canai =)

Last picture captured in Jeddah :(

 @ KLIA upon arrival. I suddenly snapped the touching scene.


tepianmuara said...

selamat pulang semula menuntut ilmu!

Anonymous said...

nana..!!ak rndu gila gila tme kat arma n jeddah.huhu
misss u soo mmmuch =))))
u know who i am~im in one of ur pic.hehe