14 March 2011

someone called a bestfriend!

TRAILER ENTRY. kohkohkoh! =D

Oh yesss, last two weeks, I went to Universiti Malaya to meet up a very bestfriend of mine, Auni Syuhrah and a few of schoolmates there, Izzati, Alia, Hafizi. Overnight there really a blast! Anddd lucky me, I got another extrasss. Teehee :p 

Second night, Te'ah joinned me! We're really had fun during the day. And these pictures were taken before I made my way back home :'(

Heart them! ♥  

One night, I dreamt of her. The next day, after performing Subuh prayer, I cried lots and SMS her to tell what was my dream all about. Right after that, I planned to go at her place. Huu. I miss her lots! It's a must to meet her before I go back to Egypt :(

Okay, meet my very very very bestfriend! Hey, to tell you what dear, don't you ever regret those days when you're about to say that we're bestfriend to THEM. I'll never regret because you really-really deserve it :') You're the one who made it. Y'know, I LOVE YOU more than words can say. ILY Auni SYUHRAH!  Okay see? I just highlighted the 'syuhrah'. Hee ;)



Anonymous said...

lol ni ke auni syuhrah yg bitch gedik sgt tu. ptt la. x lawa..

Anonymous said...

Auni syuhrah sundal UM

Anonymous said...

Dia x brenti myundal lg betina auni ni. Pepek berair

Anonymous said...

Pergh asal tktau dia menyundal dengan siapa?