02 March 2011

secret admirer

Hello everybody  ♥

OK, what is the function of that love symbol? Haha. Nevermind, nothing matters at all. Oh yess, most of my entries lately, are in Malay am I? Ergh dont know why but then, alahhh Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa kan. Keh3 :p So, it's a must to be proud of our language. Ok no. I never meant to brag my english because I know how bad my english is. Actually writing is one of the way how can I improve my english. Sometimes, I do realize the spelling and grammar error in my writing, but I'm so lazy to edit it. But sometimes, I don't realize or perhaps I don't even know that it's wrong. I'm not good in english. Bla bla bla. Ok, that's all. I can easily crap and never realize what am I writing. Hahaha :D

So, here we are. Today I feel like wanna write something about secret admirer. Haaa! Who knows that he or she do have secret admirer?? Eypp, dah memang namanye secret, mane lah tahu. Haha. Ok, forgive me. Nahh, lucky you if you do have a secret admirer. In what way? Yelah, boleh selalu dapat surprise. Tiba-tiba pergi sekolah esok, ada orang letak sekotak ferrero rocher dalam laci meja ke. Haha.

What a shockkk! Right? However, not all secret admirers are nice. Sometimes, they will...................................... Hehe. Ok, isi tempat kosong, cepat! :) No, I mean sometimes, we will feel the ketidakselesaan. Haha bahasa apa aku apply ni?

There's a story...




NOTHINGGG! Hehe jangan marah jangan marah. OK, in my school, Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang, everytime when we have functions or whatsoever like Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan (KOT), Teacher's Day, Hari Merdeka and etc. There's an organisation whether Prefect Board, PRS or Ikatan Pelajar Tingkatan (IPT) that will organise the selling of requested thingy like junk food especially. Sooo, everybody can buy those thing and there's a small dedication card to write whatever they wanna say to the person that they give the thing. You got me? Y'know,the thing, I mean the food is so sweet. Some apples, some lolipops, some cadbury and many more! So, nak dijadikan cerita... During the KOT, I got so many requested thing from the unknown. Unknown okay? Not secret admirer. WAHAHAHA. Ok ok nak bagi nampak tak perasan sangat, lets change it to 'my friend'.  HAHAHAHA. Soo, my friend get nervous as she got the food. Dia cuak la kalau nak makan tetiba buah apple tu dah dijampi ke. Ohh, sungguh tak matang! Haha. Stop stop. I worried if you guys wanna puke. Hehe. It's nothing actually. I've tidy up my room just now and I've found some of the dedication cards that I kept long time ago. Tu pun tersimpan secara tak sengaja. Hee. Wanna have a look? ;)

 But most of them are from juniors. Ohh mennn! HAHA :D

 Can you understand his handwriting?? Hee.

HAHA. OK thats all. No intention,yeah? Just for fun and its-just-memory ;))

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